Grades 1-8 will be jogging around the school field on October 6, 2017 to raise funds for Woodland Star Charter School. 

Are you curious to see what this year's t-shirt logo looks like? Come and join us! Logo specially designed by artist and local business owner Eva-Lena Rehnmark.

Collecting pledges:

  • Woodland Star parents should have received a Jog-a-thon pledge envelope from your teacher. To collect pledges, you may use your envelope, our Woodland Star's Jog-a-thon page or the personalized page with your children's name. Pledges can be collected until October 16th. 

Business sponsorships:

  • If you have a business, or have friends who might love to see their name advertised on the backs of over 240 darling kids in Sonoma (in addition to receiving a myriad of other benefits), please invite them to do so.
  • Download our sponsorship form here! We have exciting benefits as we also enter the 2nd year of our "Sponsor our School" Program as a way to encourage businesses to support our school. It is our attempt to get our supporters and partners involved in a more school-wide effort, and instead of sponsoring only a single event, they will sponsor several events throughout the year. The benefits will be carried out that way as well.
  • If the form is returned by the deadline - Sept. 21st, 10% of the sponsorship funds will go towards Jog-a-thon.

Why support Jog-a-thon?

  • Funds raised from this year's Jog-a-thon will be given directly to our school's general fund which will be then distributed to all classes to support field trips.
  • Along with raising money, our mission is to involve our children to work towards a goal, to have fun, be active, and make healthy choices!